Pico Difficult

by BatElite
created Mar 25, 2013
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map notes
The next part in the "Descending Difficult" trend,
the equivalent of Tera, except now you ascend.
This allows for more variation in gameplay
so you will be less bored by the end of the day.
I hope the map will be difficult enough,
and the flow to be anything but rough,
yet not make it too difficult so players die and die
nor make the word "difficult" a lie.

Please leave feedback.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Mar 25, 2013
Pros: the colors are gorgeous. the cream and earth tones remind me of the 70s, and the purple is the perfect purple.

Cons: some shit is just way too annoying. the one-tile-wide steps up the spike pillar are ridiculously annoying, and for no good reason. i appreciate your efforts to actually keep the level "difficult," but there's a difference between "difficult" and "cheap."

i'm not particularly amazing at this game, so maybe my criticisms aren't particularly valid, but i really felt a few aspects of this level were squarely on the "cheap" side of things.

one last thing: the checkpoints ALL face the wrong way. i totally understand if you dont have a mouse that doesn't have a mouse button 4 (i don't either). this annoyance is unavoidable for levels that move around horizontally. but this is a vertical level. you could have just flipped everything around the y axis. then all the checkpoints would face the right way.

just my 2 cents.
edited Mar 25, 2013
said Mar 25, 2013
I agree on the one-tile step part, it's really annoying and doesn't add anything to the level.
Other than that the level is really good, a bit tight on the height needed to reach some platforms but nothing too bad.
said Mar 25, 2013
dude your SS run is totally bugged
said Mar 26, 2013
My SS is the only real SS of the bunch
said Mar 25, 2013
Those were the intended strats, right?
said Mar 25, 2013
Cool level except for that spike ladder part which is extremely annoying. It absolutely breaks the flow and is really frustrating. That asides, well done.
said Mar 25, 2013
Another fun level, though it feels quite a bit easier than nano was, which is probably a good thing. The step bit is kind of annoying as Dustgirl just because the game loves to crash on that part zzz.

Also inb4 Ted destroys everyone by 10+ seconds. This level was -made- for Dustworth lol.
said Mar 26, 2013
15 seconds good enough? =)
said Mar 27, 2013
No! Make it 20!
said Mar 25, 2013
ARGH! this would have been five stars, but you hit one of my pet peeves, I fell and activated a previous checkpoint right at the very end of the level. please for the love of god, put some spikes above checkpoints to prevent that from happening. There's no reason I should survive a fall half way down the level.

EDIT: Twice in a row now, still have yet to beat the level.
edited Mar 25, 2013
said Mar 25, 2013
Me too. Twice. In that spot.

Otherwise, fun level.
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 29, 2013
I'd like it if not for the useless one-tile steps and the fact that when I used a heavy attack on the fourth prism it put dust on the opposite wall which gave me an AS. I tried again but its just too annoying that there are only forced routes.
said Mar 31, 2013
Super Administrator
I thought the one-tile steps were kinda fun once I figured it out.  You just gotta tap the opposite direction to cancel out your momentum.  It was annoying at first, but once I got it, it was probably the easiest part of the map.

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