Orange Juice

by Kuroonehalf
created Mar 23, 2013
387 views | 803 downloads

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map notes
Literally started 4 hours ago. This map draws heavy inspiration from Marfinator's Milkshake.

ps: Shame on everyone who didn't make a map for this week's custom map race.
edited Mar 23, 2013


Probably not Towelie
said Mar 23, 2013
The beginning is extremely annoying to time right but other than that I like it
said Mar 23, 2013
Precisely why it's at the very beginning. It looks hella stylish when done right though, so I decided to leave it like that. :p
edited May 21, 2013
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 24, 2013
Oh that's not very nice, you're saying you don't like the way I completed it? :/
said Mar 24, 2013
No, I didn't mean to imply anything, sorry it might have come off like that.
said Mar 23, 2013
start is gay, but the map is actually fun enough for me to stick with it. gj
said Mar 23, 2013
Tag: Dustworth. <3
said Mar 23, 2013
I played this map once without looking at the leaderboards and thought "I bet dustworth would be amazing in this map..." and then there you were haha.

Also, fun map I didn't think the beginning was any harder than any other part, maybe that was just me though.
said Mar 23, 2013
wOW this is hard but i somehow beat it :D
said Mar 23, 2013
Fantastic map. Ignore the haters, the beginning is really cool :D

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