Beast of the night

by Ketchi
created Feb 2, 2013
408 views | 761 downloads

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map notes
Play through the night and feel the urban city air.  At least 75 seconds of speed running time with fast-paced but elaborate movement and beautiful scenery, forged from dozens of hours of care for near-perfect detail.  This map should really make you feel like a swift beast of the night!
edited Feb 2, 2013


said Feb 2, 2013
Camera makes it hard to know what's coming in places, very detailed map though.
said Feb 2, 2013
After watching your replay, it seems that you encountered several of the really rare camera derps.  Still, thanks for saying so, I'll try to improve on that for my next level.
edited Feb 3, 2013
said Feb 2, 2013
Very detailed, it's rare someone makes such a long level with this much detail, good job.
said Feb 2, 2013
The beginning is so beautiful :D
Gulpy Blinkeyes
said Feb 3, 2013
Absolutely gorgeous!
said Feb 3, 2013
The camerawork can get iffy, but overall it's really impressive and makes for some really awesome views, well done. The gameplay is fun and original in places too!

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