by Den Bram
created Dec 13, 2012
731 views | 940 downloads

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map notes
A fairly easy, short map. There's a sort-of-easter-egg in a place that is easily reached with Dust Kid.
I hope you enjoy the map. Constructive criticism is appreciated. ^^


said Dec 13, 2012
Awesome map!  I like maps like this where you spend much of the time in the air.  Critiques: The background floaty islands should be more distinguishable from the foreground; maybe make them a bit darker?  A camera would've helped direct the flow in some sections.  Other than that I loved it!
edited Dec 14, 2012
said Dec 13, 2012
said Dec 13, 2012
Thoroughly enjoyed SSing and going for a speed run. The flow was only the tiniest bit choppy with a few areas, heading into the part where you have to boost to the leaves on the vertical wall for example, though that may just be my general ineptitude at work.
said Dec 14, 2012
We didn't have a map with a good flow in a long time. Good job.
C. Cleveland
said Dec 14, 2012
great map.
- i love the aesthetics. i would say 'its hard to tell the background from the foreground' but honestly, i think it's always hard to tell until youve played it a couple times. i played it once and i knew the route. and this is one of the better looking things floating in the background maps. nice job.
- i like the flow. those huge jumps are really fun, especially consecutively, like in the map.
but that leads to a scoreboard issue. theres very little room for style and few places to make yourself faster. i thought jumps were well spaced tho to get a bit of a boost of off them tho. so thats a few ms off.
-i like the mix up spots, even tho there was only one (arguably two). the spots where 'the flow' changes. like the double ramps to 2 mid air enemies. id like to see one or two more areas like that one so the SS runs from from different players has a little more flavor instead of depending on how well they use the jumps.
- your next map should have camera work. if there was camera work in this map, it was hardly noticeable but it seemed like there wasnt. im glad you spaced those jumps for just floating thru the air cuz on my first playthrough i was hoping i was jumping to something. but yeah, next map, mess with the cameras a little and pick spots to emphasize the route.

all in all, 5 stars from this guy
C. Cleveland
said Dec 14, 2012
sorry for the paragraph, but i see your future maps being awesome with a few tweaks.
Den Bram
said Dec 15, 2012
Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate it. ^^
said Dec 16, 2012
Fun map!
said Dec 16, 2012
I love the map, but i can't get past the troll jump (the double-ramp jump).  I call it a troll jump because if you don't get enough height, you run into some well-placed spikes.  Really amazing theme, love the air that you get from the jumps.  It's challenging, and one day I'll get past it!
said Dec 23, 2012
I love this map and the music you use for it. Awesome!

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