Popo Takes the Day Off

by thisisnotjake
created Dec 10, 2023
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map notes
Uh an amalgamation of scripts that creates a level that feels equal to playing melee on an HD tv in 2012 with a 3rd party controller and your like kinda trying to schmoove but you cant really and you cant explain to your friends who don't know melee why the setup is messed up without coming across like the biggest nerd to ever own a gamecube.

aka jake makes another map that map isnt prompty enough lol, maybe containment 2 TONIGHT (with non traditional scripts)


popo nana script from https://atlas.dustforce.com/10977/popo-and-nana
no direction script i dont remember where from lol but i didnt make
but the enemy speed script which doesnt really belong on this map i kind of made??? with HUGE help from skyhawk/jdude answering a trillion questions and leading me along, next time maybe ill be able to make it all by myself


said Dec 10, 2023
Containment 2 can only be better than this so you have my blessing 5/5
said Dec 11, 2023
i really couldn't schmoove

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