Popo and Nana

by BigDiesel
created Nov 14, 2021
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map notes
Snowy mountain map for the second Custom Map Jam, with a fun little "Two"-themed gimmick. The script creates a secondary character that follows the player's inputs with a seven frame delay, just like the Ice Climbers characters from Super Smash Bros. The two characters share a combo timer, and cleaning an enemy gives an air charge to both of them.

I spent a few hours on the script last night, chatting about it in voice with Avenged, Spiraler, and jdude. I woke up early and put together the map this morning. I've never made a single-screen map before, so that was a fun challenge, but I think it worked for this script since any longer of a map might have just been frustrating. This does continue my streak of jam maps where a good run is probably faster than ten seconds, so maybe next time I'll have to try and make a longer map instead. :D Thanks to Zaik and maybetta for playtesting the map and giving me feedback at various parts of the process!

Script can be found at https://github.com/bigdiesel2m/dustforce-scripts/blob/main/nana.as
edited Nov 21, 2021

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