1 Tile Difficult

by Ukkiez
created Dec 6, 2020
344 views | 390 downloads

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map notes
Man/Girl flows best. Intended to be played through fast.

Most dust "should be" collected with light attacks - the routes/strats may be sort of difficult to figure out, but nothing's too crazy.

Slightly tilted, and worse, sequel to http://atlas.dustforce.com/9787/slant-difficult*
edited Dec 8, 2023


said Dec 6, 2020
pain. Looks like if I were good, it could be fun.
said Dec 9, 2020
It took me a while and the run is garbage, but that wasn't *too* hard.

Overall really fun - I thought the use of single tiles, slopes, and attacking dust made for some interesting, fast paced gameplay.
And although the visuals were simple your colour choice made it look good.

My only complaint would be that the checkpoints could have had better placement.
The first for example was way too soon to be useful, and some of the others I felt were in positions that made it a little hard to get back into the flow.

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