Blue Moon DEMO

by TwinkieSWF
created Aug 19, 2020
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map notes
Kuitar: perfect map right there
HolyKau: add large prism + end flag
HolyKau: done
Kuitar: frame grind map Pog
HolyKau: looks like a dustkid frame grind
Kuitar: just move the prism a bit and it become a dustworth frame grind (^:
mister_simon: yah this is real good
HolyKau: we don't need another dustworth WR :(
Kuitar: it's not about what we need kau
mister_simon: then just add another prism the other side of death zones and we done
Kuitar: it's about what's right
HolyKau: ah you're right as always Kuitar
Kuitar: :)
spunkyMP4: that's incredibly wholesome dviperHappy
Kuitar: look at how happy he is
HolyKau: hmm, finishable in 3 heavies?
HolyKau: maybe a dustgirl map
mister_simon: a blue smile?

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said Aug 23, 2020

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