by Ukkiez
created Aug 1, 2020
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map notes
CMR 58

First non-virtual map, and first map with an actual background. Truly groundbreaking, I'm sure.

Hope you have fun, good luck.
edited Aug 1, 2020


said Aug 1, 2020
Cool map, but a bit long.
said Aug 4, 2020
For a first non-virtual map this looks REALLY good.  The big foggy chasm with the thicc tree was my favorite part.  The detail in the dirt texture really went a long way as well.  I know  you were going for a foggy look, but the background does feel a tad bit empty.  Maybe some lighting effects or very feint dirt would have helped avoid this.  Gameplay wise it was nothing too difficult.  Was a bit long, but was enjoyable. Really enjoyed the ending effect, was super cool.  I think you should keep making non-virtual maps (not always but sometimes) because this really is SUPER good for a first one.  Thanks for the cool map!

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