cat town

by Linley
created Jul 24, 2020
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map notes
Its like dogs but its cats instead!


said Jul 24, 2020
I really like the first checkpoint.
said Jul 24, 2020
I had check points originally,  but they didn't work so I just deleted them
said Jul 25, 2020
I think I'd rather have checkpoints, even if they're awkwardly placed. They doesn't matter at the end when you go for an SS run anyway.
said Jul 25, 2020
It dawned on me I had checkpoints disabled in options and was why the checkpoints didn't work for me.  Otherwise I would have kept them in.  Well these are just practice maps anyways.  I might try to get in a cmr map but we'll see
said Jul 27, 2020
So visually, this is a cool looking map.  Reminds me of persona 5.  Gameplay was decently solid, though the climb that is in the thumbnail of the level seemed maybe out of place thematically?  It seemed like the level was super open then quickly just got mega claustrophobic, and I instantly died (yeah i know gitgood).  The thing is that it just kind of took me by surprise.  I think overall it is fun though, and really nice looking like most of your maps.

So, now to address the big problem.  I know the joke with people is always "classic linley map" when there are no checkpoints, but I really wish you would try extra hard to make sure they were there.  It made this map (for me, a not great player) extremely frustrating.  It really kind of ruined the map for me.  I know I'm using dustmod and can use editor, but it was just frustrating that I had to redo the easy part of the map over and over just to get a chance to try another strat on the "hard" section for me.  Please use checkpoints in the future.

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