i ha8 saleds

by Slish
created Jul 20, 2020
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map notes
I just finally got back guys! I've been grounded for long time bc I didnt eat my saled and my mom yelled at me. serously nobody likes saled, my mom cried bc i told her saleds suck. Just an update for everyone we went to a parade it was a lot of fun everyone shouted really loud the whole time :) i missed the part where some  some water sprayed everywhere at us like an amusement park. I also missed the fireworks cuz i had to go sleep early for bed time. But anyways everyone i'm back for a bit glad to see you missed me i really hate saleds.


said Jul 20, 2020
Hey man, I don't like salads either, but I like this map even less.
said Jul 20, 2020
On second thought, this map REALLY REALLY sucks, I tried to let it slide but dear god man this is so bad I don't even know what to say....
said Jul 22, 2020
Great Map! Having alot of fun trying to run it,i feel with each unload im getting closer and closer to beating it! Hopefully ill get it done by tonight, wish me luck!!! :)

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