by BatElite
created May 19, 2020
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map notes
Hi everyone I'm still alive! And maybe actually able to respond to comments by now.

This is a years old map  (2013-2014 ish?) that I never really finished decorating and is also kinda janky to play, but I thought was sort of neat as well. It's finally published now, unaltered. Don't ask me how the section on the left was a good idea. :P

Kinda hoping I can get back into making maps for this game sometime, but several attempts over the years haven't been fruitful and I never backed up  the few never WIPS I did throughout reinstalls. This and the older (published) stock survived though.

How have you all been?


said May 19, 2020 come join the discord! Good to see you back.
said May 20, 2020
I can't figure out the intended way to SS this, but the art is nice.
said May 21, 2020
I did my SS run along the intended route mostly, but then I also forgot exactly how I originally intended the very spiky section to be done.
said May 20, 2020
come to discord and make a map with me
said May 21, 2020
Once I'm out of essay hell, sure.

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