Anti Harbinger

by Zartorg
created Apr 30, 2019
308 views | 425 downloads

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map notes
I hope this map looks alright, it is viable with all characters however I think it map be harder on some more than others.


said Apr 30, 2019
Nice visuals

What does the "synth" tag mean?
said Apr 30, 2019
the colours reminded me of CD covers for a "synthwave" song, I guess the tag is sort of unnecessary.
said Apr 30, 2019
check points faces you the wrong direction before the climb, its a bit annoying, you can turn the blue flags around with the arrow keys (i forget which) to choose which way you are facing.  other then that i think its pretty cool :) i like the visuals a lot
said May 1, 2019
thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the visuals.
said May 1, 2019
Nice cameras B)
The only part that left something to be desired was after the climb, where it looks like going both left and right are valid options. First time I went left and realized I chose wrong.
Otherwise I like
said May 1, 2019
I'm glad you mentioned that, I could feel the creativity sapping from me around that point. I built this map in one sitting and by the end of it, I was tired. Also, making the path more obvious is another goal for me to achieve

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