Sound Waves

by Zartorg
created Apr 28, 2019
245 views | 438 downloads

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map notes
This is my first map so please, absolutely destroy me with feedback.


said Apr 29, 2019
This is real great! I had a lot of fun! The only thing I have for feedback is definitely sit down with the camera system. There are a lot of points in the map where a camera guiding you forward would make it a lot easier to tell where to go / not force you to make blind jumps, etc. You could always hop in the Discord which is full of friendly folks who'd love to guide you on how cameras work. I won't post a link here but you can find it if you click the Forums link up top of this page, then look on the sidebar. Keep em comin!
said Apr 29, 2019
Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely make some more maps with working cameras.

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