Actino Rise

by bengarrr
created Sep 28, 2012
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/ 6 votes

map notes
Hello all, I was inspired by the new update with all the new tricks and treats in the new levels. I especially like the vertical design in Zetta. So I decided to make a vertical level, with a mirror's edge inspired aesthetic. Happy dusting

Also due to the nature of a purely vertical level, it makes it hard to add checkpoints, so, no checkpoints ;)


said Sep 28, 2012
Damn, this is hard :D I think it's visually stunning tho, well designed good job!
said Sep 28, 2012
Fun level!  If I could make a suggestion, though, since you have an essentially vertical level, having the camera set up on a perfectly vertical path and maybe getting slightly bigger as it went up would've been a cool effect!
said Sep 28, 2012
In hindsight that might been not only have been a really cool effect but something that would've made the level more cogent. Some of the areas seem to be made artificially harder because I left the camera in such a narrow view. I tried messing with the camera near the end but to no avail, alas, camera nodes are hard. Thanks for the suggestion and I'm glad you liked it.

edit: I spelling words hard
edited Sep 28, 2012
said Sep 28, 2012
I like your visual style but the beginning was too frustrating for me. I might come back to it later :(
said Sep 28, 2012
the any% route is really fun
said Oct 25, 2012
Dustworth is slow!
I blame the upside-down zips at the end! =p

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