My first level

by XenoCore
created Mar 25, 2019
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map notes
I think I did ok

edit: I had so much fun watching someone whoop my own level really quick that I've decided to make another. Get ready for "My second level"
edited Mar 25, 2019


said Mar 27, 2019
Pretty decent for a new map. A few pointers, if I may:

- I would suggest setting up the camera for the first drop, so players can see what they have to do. You can achieve this by setting the camera you want to be focused to be an interest node, and then dragging the Ø anchor on the opposite side of the camera you want to intercept. Basically, whenever your camera "center" crosses the anchor it will go to the other camera.
Dustmod's "Show Cameras" is very handy for trying to understand it.

- I found the first 2 enemies to be awkward. They're set up like they're intended to be up-heavied, but as that will result in dust-spread, a jump is required. If the platform had a smaller gap to the opposing ceiling, or if you had flying enemies and a ceiling that couldn't be spread dust on, it would probably be less awkward.

Aside from the missing triggers (fog, music), and no Apple entity, this is overall a very nice effort for a first level. With that being said, #mapmaking on the Discord is really helpful if you have any questions, or if you just want some playtesting before publishing the map.
said Mar 27, 2019
Thanks for the pointers!
Although I got help for the camera, I just uploaded my third level, and I think it turned out nicely! This time I saw the dust spread from the up heaved enemy and I raised the roof.
I also included an Apple entity ;)

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