serious times

by fireball
created Jan 3, 2019
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map notes
I need more alcohol.


said Jan 3, 2019
Can someone explain this one to me...
said Jan 3, 2019
Uhh, just a quick ramen to create a gimmick map that forced the "spikes on dustblocks generate meter when cleared" that was discussed in chat yesterday.  I'll probably play around with a couple more.
said Jan 3, 2019
Oh so it's not a vanilla tech, I got confused for a second.
said Jan 4, 2019
It is a vanilla tech.  Assuming I didn't accidentally hit a dustmod flag in the editor, this level would run the same in vanilla, and could be created in vanilla.  (obviously it isn't in any stock levels)  Spikes on dust-blocks are just strange in general though.
said Jan 4, 2019
yep. can confirm that the map works in vanilla as well.

My guess as to why it's working is because:
- spikes aren't supposed to be allowed on dustblocks, so the game wants to remove them
- The game only checks for them when its updating those blocks, which is triggered by the heavy attack, and removes the spikes
- because spikes and dust are both coded as "filth" on surfaces, when spikes disappear, the game thinks you collected dust, and gives you combo

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