Indigo Monastery

by C
created Apr 20, 2018
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map notes
Dustmod recommended It should look and play almost identically in vanilla but you'll miss out on some of the extra little things I've added to the map.

A medium to long map, of medium difficulty.
I'm not sure that I actually achieved it, but originally I wanted to go for something with a stock-like feeling in the gameplay.

I'm sorry if there's some small lag when hitting checkpoints - hopefully it's not noticeable and won't affect gameplay.
There's a lot of stuff (props, tile, triggers, etc.) packed into a smallish area which is what's causing it I think.

Special thanks to:
  tim for very thorough testing and feedback.
  And indapop for testing, feedback, and his work on some of the sound and music.
retagged Jul 13, 2018


said Apr 21, 2018
why cant i finish this level roflmfao. i get to the end with the golden bell and use my super and the level doesnt end?????
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 21, 2018
This map seems to have a unique behavior where the entity state of a checkpoint can change without triggering a new checkpoint.  I mean I'd revive at a checkpoint a few times and use turkeys from it, then get further, then revive at the same checkpoint with turkeys and dust deleted?  In some cases it just made the map harder, in others it forced me to restart.

Gonna be honest, I've NEVER seen that before.  It might have something to do with the bell script.
said Apr 21, 2018
Gameplay is really fluid and I can see my self increasing time quite a bit even though im .2 behind from spot 1 atm.  I really enjoyed your bells.  I watched skyhawks stream and I would have never gotten that secret lol.  I have to say this is probably almost as good as team building.  Your art is really great.  The clock surprised me in itself.
said Nov 23, 2022
Insanely good

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