by SubparFiddle
created Sep 4, 2012
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map notes
More of the same theme I've been playing with.  Hopefully it's not too visually confusing, but I really like the silhouettes and contrasting colors.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Sep 4, 2012
Really like this level a lot. The colour choice does make things a little confusing, but the level design is so elegant it's not too annoying. Rated 5 despite the blind drop. I like the drop, but I hate not seeing what's coming. Too easy to die on your first time through. But what could you have done? Pulling the camera back would allow the player to see ahead far enough that it's not too unfair, but then everything gets so small and it's harder to do precise maneouvering. I wish there was a camera type that set the camera further in front of the player to help make sections like this more fair.
said Sep 4, 2012
Thanks for the feedback!  Yeah, I tried all sorts of different things with the camera; part of me considered changing that segment, but another part of me can be rather cynical :)

I agree with you about more camera types!  Having the option to set where in the camera box the character would be located would be very useful.
said Sep 4, 2012
woo, sub-20 any%.  The any% route is pretty fun, but I agree that the SS drop is a bit annoying.  Overall its a nice map though, good job.
said Sep 4, 2012
That was fun!
Not a Dustworth level though I'd wager, so someone needs to beat me. =D
said Sep 4, 2012
Hehe, the first time the ground disappeared I got really startled :D, nice!
said Sep 5, 2012
the map is great once u played through it a couple of times, the first run was rather frustrating though because the camera often doesnt show what is coming, not only at the final fall bit.
said Sep 7, 2012
Personally I think the camera could used some adjustment. Especially at the beginning it was a bit too twitchy for my taste.
said Dec 6, 2012
This level tastes like those Firecracker popsicles. The beginning I love, yet the end frustrates me so! At least once I SS it my confidence in the air should be a lot better, heh. Another great map man.
said Jan 8, 2013
Ooh, great analogy!  It's even the same color!

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