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created Nov 15, 2017
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A quick map


said Nov 15, 2017
how do you beat this map
said Nov 15, 2017
I managed to get it with Dustkid, but I can't see how any other character could do it without a jorf.
said Nov 15, 2017
i came to the same conclusion, given this is a medium difficulty i think the maker must have forgot an enemy somewhere unless they meant it as a dustkid only map
said Nov 15, 2017
That, or the intention was always to punt the gargoyle through the floor to the chasm above.

Seriously though, why does that work?  It looks like a normal, solid block of layer 19 tiles.
said Nov 15, 2017
looking at it in the editor with the fog trigger off, there's a patch of layer 20 tiles covering some blocks without collision. although the only way to get full tiles to have missing collision like that is with dustmaker (python library for editing maps).

edit: I stand corrected. if you have dustmod, you can move tiles without changing their edges using the editor aux key. ( ` by default)
edited Nov 16, 2017

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