Midnight Graveyard

by C
created Oct 31, 2017
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map notes
 - Latest Dustmod required - make sure to update or it might not work properly.
 - Custom sounds are used so turn up your music and ambience otherwise you won't hear them.

Thanks to indapop for testing and feedback, and msg for dustmod and the new API stuff that made this possible.

For this map I've used scripting (including the new custom sprite and sound api) to add lots of extra little details.
The gameplay though is "vanilla", sort of long, and focused on attacking enemies.
It should be fairly easy to complete, but more of a challenge figuring out how best to approach each obstacle.

Entity outline script: https://gist.github.com/cmann1/ac14cb045b368a7db78a5d50fb8abecd
Prop wind script: https://gist.github.com/cmann1/f4783c17b9d11dfba3d3b0a497e72056
edited Jan 3, 2018


said Oct 31, 2017
The highest tier of map right here
Amazing work
said Oct 31, 2017
Thanks. This one took a while so glad you liked it.
said Oct 31, 2017
Monkey Island reference caught me so off guard. Entirely amazing work C.
said Oct 31, 2017
love me some maps like dis
said Oct 31, 2017
I've actually got chills. This map is beautiful! The amount of time that must have went into this is ridiculous.
said Nov 1, 2017
damn, the sequel to dustforce is looking sick
said Nov 2, 2017
Thumbnail looks cool. I guess I need to get dustmod now to see the map though.
said Nov 11, 2017
I kinda forgot to leave a comment on this map but I didn't know what to write... I mean this map is so much better than any other map on Atlas that leave a comment like "amazing", "wow", "georgeous", etc., as I did for other maps, it didn't seem fair to me :D.

Really another level of quality: custom sounds, animated props, stunning art, new props (?), super secrets...I hope to see more maps ambitious as this one!
said Aug 11, 2019
Crazy good stuff, even years later, C.

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