by Ted
created Aug 18, 2012
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map notes
Here's an attempt to make a map with several viable routes. It is also tuned to work with any character, though obviously not using the exact same strategies.
I think it turned out pretty decent for a first map, besides the fact that I didn't spend much time making it look pretty.

I've been able to get 35-36 second SS times with all characters and finishing at bottom, left and right. I never managed to get that low when trying to finish at the top, but I'm not sure it's impossible. Feel free to demonstrate how it is done. =)
The any% is of course limited by the fact that it is clearly best to finish at the bottom, but I liked the cave, so I decided to not change that.
retagged Sep 9, 2012


C. Cleveland
said Aug 19, 2012
nice map. i like the open route thing
said Aug 20, 2012
You really did a great job with the variety the map offers in terms of different routes. I especially liked (hated) the left part. There were so many ways to clearing it that I spent the majority of the time during the race figuring out how to beat it the fastest way possible.
Then of course I watched your replay and how you just finished the left part with a super. =X
said Aug 26, 2012
This level is like a puzzle to solve.  I like it!
said Dec 6, 2012
Ted, this level is amazing. I love looking at everybody's replays, 'cause they're all different! I promised myself that I wouldn't look at any of them though until I SS'd it, so it wouldn't change my run at all, and hey what'ya know I got the 5 spot, and had tons of fun figuring it out!

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