Fun with Chalk

by Mrfirestorm
created Jul 14, 2017
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cmr 52

map notes
Hey, it's a map for the cmr, uses sublayer's for tiles so looks a lot better with dustmod, a lot of the visuals don't work well without it, either way hope you enjoy <3
edited Jul 16, 2017

1 comment

Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 28, 2017
Honestly quite mediocre.  From the very beginning with the awkwardly spaced slope that forces a half jump -> air dash shenanigan instead of just starting further left... to the blind drops with a camera that doesn't really assist and reliance on arrows to even show where to go: it's just not a very good map.  Even the art, just very bleh and forgettable.  If EVERYTHING was solid pastel colors and you were consistent with scratchy tile edges like bricks or something to simulate chalk, it might make more sense.  But the addition of hard lines and transparency ruins it.

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