Dreary Day

by Temmie
created Jun 24, 2017
370 views | 2285 downloads

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said Jun 26, 2017
said Jun 27, 2017
Fantastic visuals, good gameplay.
-The last open area part with the drop could use a slightly bigger camera.
-The 5th last checkpoint can be easily triggered on accident from this drop. (this happened quite a lot  to me)
Try and avoid placing entities and checkpoint zones so close and on top of one another.
When triggering such a checkpoint the entity may not always be there when u want it to or vice versa.
-The 2nd checkpoint is placed in a spot that doesn't help when grinding, You will be ideally using the slope there to boost into the following obstacle, that checkpoint doesn't set you up for this. (I ended up using the editor to place a spawn just to practice that part properly).
-The last checkpoint suffers from this problem too, boosting off that slant from that checkpoint is unnecessarily difficult plus the fact that you have leaves in the checkpoint zone which will cause more randomness. If this checkpoint was placed a bit more towards the left so its not directly on top of the slant it would be fine.

your maps are getting better and better overall.
keen for more :)

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