Daylight Ascent

by Niruth
created Jun 7, 2017
421 views | 1077 downloads

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map notes
Random remix I decided to make on the forest level Ascent.
retagged Jun 13, 2017


said Jun 7, 2017
Really enjoy this level gameplay and art wise, but it's kinda hard to see what is collidable surface and what is background
said Jun 7, 2017
Thanks for the feedback! Before publishing the level I had a feeling the main fog trigger might've needed some adjusting, but I couldn't figure out what exactly.
It makes sense now though that you mention it, so I'll keep this in mind for future maps.
said Jun 8, 2017
Gameplay seems rather great, feels like Ascent through and through while having it's own identity at the same time.

Artwise huge contrast issues that make it difficult to tell where to go, what to do, and even where the dust is. Looks pretty, but can't see shit - if you just take a look at the thumbnail, that dust on the left is rather unclear to see.

Still, it looks good and somehow manages to play well even though I have no clue where walls are, so next time just sharpen the contrast a bit and your map will be rather juicy!
said Jun 10, 2017
Love it! Really great and fun remix
Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 13, 2017
Really cool map.  I advise adding another tag with "stock" somewhere like "stock level copy cat" or any derivative with the word, so it shows up when people search Atlas for maps that are remakes / based on stock maps.

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