by glyme
created May 19, 2017
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map notes
Quick map for the cmr. Should be a medium.
retagged May 20, 2017


said May 21, 2017
Love the background it's really amazing! I would have used the fog trigger you place at the end of the map tho... red and green colors are a bit out place imho (even if I understand you used them to improve the visibility of the map)
Shin Rekkoha
said May 21, 2017
Should I buy Rainworld?
said May 21, 2017
sick map
said May 25, 2017
The map has nice gameplay, but visually I found it all too hard to see what was going on.

When I reviewed this map in my stream people were very split down the middle if they could "see" this map clearly. In other words, it might be a monitor, setting, or visual perception thing. That being said, I personally had a hard time telling where the spikes and platforms ended, began or had slopes.

I feel like you have great prop work and decorations, but they seem to often be put behind a very dark fog trigger nullifying a lot of your awesome work. For example, one of my more favorite maps of yours visually was Aether, which was very pretty, clear and well done. It allowed me to really appreciate the work you put in compared to this which looks like 90% black and a bit of color thrown in.
edited May 26, 2017

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