by Tooplark
created Jul 24, 2012
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medium sandy

map notes
Tested thoroughly with all four characters. Easiest with Dustworth and Dustkid, but quite beatable with all.


said Jul 24, 2012
I had quite a lot of fun SSing this. It's a good map, although dust can be a little hard to see sometimes, and the backdrop is a little off.. But all in all it's a decent map (: Keep it up!
said Jul 24, 2012
Thanks! I agree with you on both counts, though the backdrop was remarkably difficult to piece together, considering that it's just a bunch of rectangles.
said Jul 25, 2012
I found a way to get on top of the pyramid from the outside, but I can't reach the flag with my attacks as dustworth :( that would have been a badass any% route :P
edited Jul 25, 2012
said Jul 25, 2012
oh dang how'd you manage that, I was 84% sure it was impossible. Twould indeed be very stylin.
said Jul 26, 2012
I'm pretty sure you can only do it with dustworth: if you jump on the wall at the opening, then jump off it and then do the dashjump trick to the left, you make it over the spikes.
said Jul 26, 2012
Or you can just spikewalk some and anyone can get up there. =)
said Jul 27, 2012
I did try this, but i didnt manage to find places where you could actually stand on the spikes to reset the jump, only spikewallwalk which is hardly useful for getting up

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