Lost Shrine

by BigDiesel
created Apr 21, 2017
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map notes
This is my third map, for the 50th Custom Map Race! The aesthetics are loosely based on the blue and beige colors of the Zelda BotW Shrines, with some of the background design also taking inspiration from Desert dungeon. I was kinda nervous about having to hit the sweet spot between "too easy that everybody finishes it on their first try" and "so hard that half the race is people trying to SS one map", but with any luck this maps falls somewhere in between.

It's my first time making a map with the small totems, so hopefully they cooperate during actual runs of the map. I know that I can get through it reasonably easily, but after working on the map, I just know a lot of the timings by feel, so I'm not sure how tough it will be for other people to beat it. Because her heavies are so much smaller than everybody else's, it can be pretty tough to hit the totems with Dustkid, but the level isn't impossible to SS even for her.

Big shoutout to indapop for giving feedback on the map, helping me with the camera, and organizing the Custom Map Race as a whole. He really does it all!
edited Oct 25, 2022

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said Apr 27, 2017
I enjoyed this map quite a bit. Usually, I do not find this kind of gameplay that fun, but it worked really well here. The totem timing can be tricky, but it went smoothly. Also I really liked the different shades of blue lines running through the walls. I haven't played the new Zelda, but I still thought it looked great. Awesome job!

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