Bath House

by C
created Apr 7, 2017
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map notes
edited Apr 8, 2017


said Apr 8, 2017
Excellent map, as always.  Reminds me of the bath house in Witcher 3
said Apr 9, 2017
Thanks. You're right it does look similar.
It was actually loosely inspired by some of the prince of persia environments.
said Apr 27, 2017
Love the theme of this map. I was considering making something with this theme myself, but this satisfied my curiosity.

I wasn't quite sure why the water killed you, but at least it was consistent, so it wasn't a big deal other than thinking, "Huh, that's strange." To be fair it is slightly off-color I guess. I also wasn't a huge fan of knocking the knights off the ledges. It wasn't bad or anything, but it didn't find it much fun.

 I love the secret reference to Prince of Persia and it really gave me a sense of wonder, especially at the bridge section (btw great wire usage; that probably took a while). Also, it probably goes without saying that your maps are some of the best looking maps. Great work!
said Apr 28, 2017
Thanks. Sometimes you have to explore new ideas, but, like the knights in this map, I guess they don't always work out.

Glad you enjoyed the secrets, the Prince of Persia games were always some of my favourites.

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