by SubparFiddle
created Jul 11, 2012
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map notes
A bit of experimentation with figure/ground and color;  I was surprised that I hadn't seen something like this before.  I made it easier than my other levels so that it's more of an exposition than a difficult challenge.   I think it turned out really cool :)

Of note: While making this level, I discovered that fog triggers are not activated by the player, but by camera position!  This caused a great deal of confusion until I finally realized what was happening.

Also relevant: Teal and Orange
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Jul 12, 2012
That worked pretty well - there were one or two occasions where I wasn't completely sure where to go, but that was more me getting used to the level than the colours in themselves. The appearance of the rock at the end was brilliant, and made me laugh.
said Jul 13, 2012
Glad to hear!  The guy at the end I originally just stuck there as a placeholder, but I enjoyed him so he stuck around.
said Jul 20, 2012
Loved the theme.
said Oct 13, 2012
The map is beautiful and I love the color change effect. I also liked how you had the large crystal and the rock appear towards the end. All in all an amazing map.

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