Warp Zone

by SubparFiddle
created Jul 5, 2012
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map notes
About halfway through I decided on the theme for this.  Do others usually plan out an entire map before work, or just create as you go along?  The next map I make I'm going to try for the former :)

Also, I really wish that the dust entities could be a different color than the foreground layer...


said Jul 5, 2012
A nice flow and I liked the transition through the clouds ^.^
I personally make up everything as I go.
said Jul 6, 2012
Nice map, but too awkward
said Jul 7, 2012
Yeah, I was a bit worried about the ambiguity near the end, but it's based on the cloud levels from the first Mario Bros and I was hoping that nostalgia could act as a form of direction (those three leaf things are analogous to the three coins before you fall back to the world in Mario)
said Jul 12, 2012
I didn't get anything like that at all, changing the colors using triggers would probably have made that a lot easier to see and would  have made the map more fun to go through as well when it can be recognized as a mario level.

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