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created Feb 17, 2017
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map notes
To perform a taildash (as far as I can tell) you need to be in skid/run/idle state (skid state seems the easiest), be on slope and then you press dash+jump+down+right.
You will be put into maximum slope slide speed instantly.

A taildash doesn't require a swap in direction to work, its just another part of the tech.

cheers czyys for assisting with the replication process in the beginning.
(I was in editor when I accidentally discovered this, rip replay)
retagged Apr 2, 2018


said Feb 17, 2017
The circumstances for this tech appear to be be in state skid or superskid and push down, dash, and jump at the same frame.

There's no need to turn around, however you need to put yourself into skid state.  One way to do this would be to start walking down a slope without pushing down (otherwise you get locked into slope slide) then let go of forward (and then do this tech).
said Feb 17, 2017
You don't have to be in state 'skid', state 'run' is also fine.
e: unless it changes to skid in some subframe, can’t really check rn.
edited Feb 17, 2017
said Feb 17, 2017
I added state change output to the debug data to help understand what's going on in situations like this.  In the case of your pb, you make the following state transitions in the same subframe.

run -> skid
  skid -> slope_slide
    slope_slide -> jump
    slope_slide -> dash (but you actually were in state jump)
  skid -> hover (but you actually were in state dash)
    hover -> fall

In the next subframe you transition from fall to land to slope slide.  So amazingly you jump, dash, and down dash all in the same sub frame :)
said Feb 18, 2017
I did it with every char, kid is probably the worst at it.
Nice find ahllyks
said Feb 18, 2017
Cheers Leap.
Only thing now is to see if it can be applied is stock maps
said Feb 18, 2017
Maybe on Research? Boost at the two trashcans
said Feb 19, 2017

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