Twilight Ocean

by Meark
created Dec 31, 2016
395 views | 3578 downloads

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map notes
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said Dec 31, 2016
My second favorite map of this pack! The final boat and the ocean+sun in the background are amazing.
Also I really like how the water in the background and the water in the foreground, they seem the same thing.
said Dec 31, 2016
Thanks I was inspired by you maps to be honest and was kind of going for like a Moana thing with the final boat scene hahah. I was also hoping the water would blend together and I'm glad it does.
said Dec 31, 2016
I agree, great art and gameplay.  I can see my self grinding these
said Jan 1, 2017
Oh good I'm always happy when people replay my levels and not just go through it once. I did work hard on these so it makes me happy to see that others enjoy it. :D
said Dec 31, 2016
Camera could've been a bit zoomed out on a couple of sections to keep the turkeys more visible. Then again, not a big deal. Dark colors for the enemies and the platforms, but since the turkeys move a lot, it's impossible to miss them. Of course, visually feels great, even with less props than we're used to at this point.
Oh, also, didn't know this game had animated grass. I wonder where did you find them. :^)
said Jan 1, 2017
Yeah I try not to zoom out too much for the sake of lag with my art style. Where should I have zoomed out?

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