GAM330 Level 1

by Rozu
created Nov 9, 2016
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map notes
Currently unfinished.


said Nov 9, 2016
Decided to have some fun with it, hopefully you don't mind, here is the file if you want to use it:
said Nov 9, 2016
Holy shit, that's amazing! tbh, This is the first time I'm using the editor and I'm still learning, but it looks great! Would you recommend any tips/tutorials?
said Nov 9, 2016
For me I just tried to emulate the stock level looks until I got a formula down. In all honesty though, it always manages to look forced. Experimenting is always a good way to do it, but if you don't have time, try to take other maps into the editor to see how they accomplished it. Some map makers utilize a ton of the layers to get things to look just right and often times you can gain some new techniques just by following their example. Meark is a really good mapper to look at simply because of his insane combinations of props and tiles that work out really well.
I got to this point by copying others and tweaking it a bit until it was different enough to be passed off as new. Kind of sad, but at least it looked good.
said Nov 9, 2016
cool map, that art is also really good. i'm not really sure why the physics triggers are working for you but it desyncs for me
edited Nov 9, 2016

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