by parangaah
created Jun 21, 2012
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comb climb


said Jun 21, 2012
Very nice map :)
said Jun 23, 2012
thanks :D
said Jun 22, 2012
Whoo boy...

I'm going to be fairly direct here, as there's just no other way I could describe this level more accurately than by comparison to another course of similar design. This map is essentially Prism Hops, except without the intricacy, variety, difficulty, and most importantly charm, that made Hextech Pon3's jaunt across the crystals memorable.

Maps that largely forgo traditional ground-based flowing movement in favor of relying heavily on aerial juggling usually have some sort of gimmick or quirk to them that makes the player appreciate bouncing off airborne targets. A few examples include intermingling clever wall-running or ceiling-slide sections alongside the need to stay in the air (See: Tower); giving the player a narrow tunnels or spike-filled paths to navigate that requires remaining in the air (See: Crystal Caves, Cookie Cutter, Exa/Mega Difficult); or giving multiple "sections" of the level a clearly identifiable scale of difficulty progression in tandem with neat visuals (See: Prism Hops).

This particular map seems like a first-time test of the level creator engine; little in the way of surprises outside the incredibly straightforward climb, no momentum-building sections of track or spiked sections to avoid (excluding the 1x1 blocks near the end), and a lack of any real danger aside from swinging too quickly out of a jump. No background either, aside from an admittedly soothing color gradient. Pretty boring, to be honest.

Mind you, I say this mostly out of confusion concerning the disparity in quality between this work and your past submissions. From what I've seen thus far, your other levels, especially Emidra, are very well designed, free from all of the issues I described concerning this map. Apologies if I'm viewing this stage more harshly than it should be, if it's merely an experiment or simply some quick tinkering in the editor.
edited Jun 22, 2012
said Jun 23, 2012
Whoo boy :P

i'm also going to be fairly direct here, as there's also just no other way to say this.. lol
when you tould about Prism Hops, guest what, i searched for it to try out and whoah! such a great map over there!

i'm playing dustforce time to time and, yes, i dont have that much time to create something   worked on for dustforce (but of course, when this day comes, i will be there to create something big - as i noticed they implemented some door system which wasnt there at first time they released map editor).

overall, sorry if you didnt liked to see this map. i will retrospect the day this map showed up to the world:

"talking to my mind - ohh end of the day, what will be made of you?
*dustforce's icon hand up to me, smiling*
okay fellow forces, there i go
*logged into it and checked maps, then tapped into level editor's maps and..*
whoa! what is this map doing here? isnt it released yet? okay i will just finish this, whatever if ppl gonna like: I DO LIKE so lets share!"

and this is what happened that day. i didnt meant to copy any map style or whatever, i just wanted to share.

sorry for this, but thanks for telling me about Prism Hops, good one to keep installed.
said Jun 30, 2012
whoo boy, chill out!  I liked the map!
Hextech Pon3
said Jul 4, 2012
I never knew I had such loyal fans. ;P  On-topic, I did find it a tad bit repetitive, and while I'm probably just out of practice, a few spots were kinda frustrating, specifically the last checkpoint when SURPRISE spikes, lol.

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