by krackocloud
created Jun 19, 2012
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map notes
First map... Again. :U


said Jun 20, 2012
Very nicely designed level, a real treat to run through. Several times I had to wonder if you were channeling Hitbox while making this map; it wouldn't feel too out of place in the traditional Forest nexus.

Props for giving the level a proper background as well. It's obvious that you put your fair share of attention towards the layered islands and titular crags. Perhaps this is a simple thing to compliment on, and ultimately subjective in the grand scale of good level design, but it adds to the stage's legitimacy as a whole; eye candy you can appreciate during replays is always a nice touch.

My only real complaint concerning the layout of the leaves, admittedly a personal gripe more than anything else, is a single block-sized piece covering a wall near the ground of the concrete U about 4/5ths the way through the course. If a player is looking to maximize speed over all else, attempting a slope-dash through the U-shaped area will still leave a bit of mess behind, despite the splash from the landing. Nothing a falling swipe can't fix, of course, but it did catch me off guard a few times.

If this really is your first map, you're off to one hell of a start. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the next one~.
said Jun 21, 2012
Thanks for the feedback!

I actually missed the same leaf-spot a couple times during playtesting, but for whatever reason I never really made much of it. ',:Y

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