Locked Mansion

by Tropicallo
created Jun 15, 2012
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map notes
My first map, this was actually made over a month ago and it was really only to experiment with the flow and timing of a map with key doors involved.

Unfortunately, the key door entities for the level editor don't show up for me right now so I can't really build upon this level anymore, which is why I figured I might as well upload it since it's basically complete and works well enough.

Any feedback is appreciated!


said Jun 15, 2012
I think it was fun! I liked the "release them from the cage" ending ^^
said Jun 15, 2012
Love the way the keys are used, small feedback though: The door to the left when you drop down in the middle opens too late and stops the flow if you use your super to get the key + gargoylestatue. it's not a very big difference though.
I also noticed that sometimes if you hit the keys in the top right corner of the map and instantly dash down, you also dash into the door at full speed, had to delay my downdash to prevent that from happening.
regardless, 4/5 rating from me :) loved it
said Jun 16, 2012
I really liked this, cool concept and good execution. You guys have the weirdest idea of what's "easy" though.
said Apr 7, 2013
old map binge ftw

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