Demon Altar

by Linley
created Aug 14, 2016
346 views | 3613 downloads

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map notes
Hell themed map.  All for fun don't take this serious x)

(When I put this up it showed some people already played it and there were a few entries of people free falling.  Idk what kind of sorcery that is but this is the finished version if there is another floating around somehow)
retagged Aug 14, 2016


said Aug 15, 2016
Art is sick. I really like the heaven part; very very cool. The gameplay, however, is lacking a bit. Its hard to know where to go without cameras.

I know cameras can be a bit daunting at first, but just a simple zoomout helps this maps a lot. this is how it looks with a simple 1500 zoom. A bit excessive perhaps, but it works.
said Aug 15, 2016
Hey that does make it better!  I am learning new things about the editor every time I play around with it haha.
said Aug 15, 2016
generally speaking, you should avoid making maps that you yourself cannot SS. this map was hard, and in a frustratingly "cheap" way. camera problems and unclear triggers should not be obstacles to the player.
said Aug 16, 2016
I SSed it shortly after you said I couldn't after reading your comment XD.  I know, I am still just learning the editor still.  The other commentor showed me the camera thing and I been playing with it in game so any future maps will have this functionality.  

I usually place things on the max distance I can go while editing.  I was playing it over and over to make sure everything is doable and not overly difficult.  What trigger were you referring to?  Just so I know to avoid something like that in the future.

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