Look Out

by Dorkweed
created Jul 18, 2016
203 views | 3446 downloads

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map notes
My First Map. Made in about 6 hours. Feedback is welcome.

 Fixed the checkpoints and win conditions.


said Jul 19, 2016
Minor nitpick: The last checkpoint spawns you far up in the air instead of on the floor

Very minor nitpick: The end of the spiked prism tunnel is a slightly strange difficulty spike in an otherwise super straightforward map

Everything else looks rather sweet & is mega fun to play. Good job o/
said Jul 19, 2016
Yeah I did the checkpoints super fast in a panic because I accidentally uploaded the map without them the first time. I will be sure to improve the checkpoints in future maps I make. Also I will try to make the difficulty more natural in the future. Thanks for the feedback.
said Jul 19, 2016
Really nice first map!!! Im impressed i like it :)
said Jul 19, 2016
Nice clean aesthetic to the map.

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