Kaizo Darkness

by Paulix
created Jun 2, 2012
534 views | 880 downloads

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map notes
Special thanks to Marksel, who helped me to make the map more funny and less frustrating
Enjoy this awesome map guys!


said Jun 2, 2012
good to see how receptive you are to feedback :D Must say that when I saw that that part was actually an apple, it made a lot more sense ^_^ Kinda felt like an idiot that I didn't notice that :>
said Jun 2, 2012
i really aprecciate ur feedback, i just turned "on" the enemies, and the map looks like nice
much better than before, thx
said Jun 2, 2012
yeah atleast the apple part is MUCH better now, I dont know about the prisms that had arrows though, I thought that was pretty cool the way they were, still cool nonetheless :P

Still though, I really liked your previous map a lot, much simpler yet still had a nice difficulty to it, i'd say its one of my favorites so far, hoping you got your lust to make a super hard level out of there now so u can go back to making maps like your previous one :>
said Jun 3, 2012
It does a really good job of putting the horribly hard parts at the beginning of the level, everything is well spaced, I rather enjoy it. Looking forward to beating myself up on this map between exams.
said Jun 3, 2012
I like that chamber where you need to correctly aim heavy attacks to prevent dust on the walls, never seen that before, pretty nice.
said Jun 3, 2012
Just found this map, I seemed to get the start over with the first time easy enough then I died ... 12 times in a row.  Anyways nice map I enjoy it.

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