Lab X

by Shin Rekkoha
created Apr 15, 2016
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map notes
"Aaaaayayyaaayyyyyyoooaaeeyaaayyyyyy [lmao]"

   I wanted to make a map, so I did.  This took just under 4 hours.  Just me again, no testers but some very useful stream feedback.  Just having another set of eyes on a project can make all the difference.  But did that make this map good?  Hah, fuck no.  It's a Shinmap that Indapop didn't fix for me, so it sucks like usual.

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See, I do that.
edited Nov 1, 2016


said Apr 15, 2016
neat map, I like it :)
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 17, 2016
Even Bird likes it, I'm doing something right.  I'm not sure what, but something.
said Apr 16, 2016
Did you mean for the turkey before the trashcan to spread/not spread dust with a downheavy depending on its float cycle? Fun otherwise, but I know I'm not gonna grind for the turkey cycle.
said Apr 16, 2016
You can heavy backwards with no risk of spreading dust
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 16, 2016
Yeah that part is intended to be done with a backheavy.  If you use a forward heavy, use it at your own risk.
said Apr 16, 2016
Great map! Thanks for making it.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 17, 2016
Thanks for playing it.
said Apr 16, 2016
good job making another worth level
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 16, 2016
Ah, you mean a perfectly balanced level where Worth's strengths are balanced out by sections good for other characters, in which the top times are a frame apart and made of different characters?  Like the perfectly balanced Machina.  Thank you for the compliment.
said Apr 17, 2016
Really great, probably the best one of this series of maps
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 17, 2016
Aw that's nice, thanks friend.
said Apr 20, 2016
Oddly satisfying.
Edit: I feel like I should know this by now, but how many damn hits does it take to kill a trashcan? Geez. D:
edited Apr 20, 2016
said May 8, 2016
said Jan 30, 2017
Super Administrator
Really fun.

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