by mizzy
created Apr 1, 2016
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map notes
i've had this map sitting around for far too long. the general theme is using attacks to help set up your position (and at the same time clearing dust) such that you cleanly pass through the obstacles. assuming you're playing dustworth, i think this map looks far harder than it actually is; it's probably around the level of cicadabrot. i might be wrong, though.

edit: maybe this is a lot harder than i thought :(


this map is SSable with all characters:

WORTH: no non-free jorfs required. ignore the three tiles with light emanating from them, you don't need them and it'll probably just make your life harder if you try to make use of them.

MAN/GIRL: (i only tested girl, but i don't see why man wouldn't be the same if not slightly easier) no non-free jorfs required. it's going to be a real struggle. i'll be pretty surprised if anyone gets either of them on the leaderboards, let alone an SS. having said that i'm a godawful man/girl player so i might be missing the mark entirely here.

KID: requires one non-free jorf to reach the third section/the second checkpoint. getting all the dust is pretty frustrating for her (massive understatement), but any% is probably close to reasonable. i think SS might still be slightly easier than man/girl, but that's like saying a 15 car collision is better than a 16 car collision.

thanks a bunch to Shin for spending like 2 minutes on the art and having the result be better than anything i could've come up with, and to IsaVulpes, Indapop, msg, Jew and Hourglass for help with the level proper. i'm sorry about that second iteration Jew :p

~have fun~
edited Jun 22, 2021


said Apr 1, 2016
Luke's Cat
said Apr 1, 2016
I will make an attempt.
said Apr 1, 2016
this is the first time in a very long time that i have watched an SS replay for a map and felt absolutely 0 confidence that i could do the same
said Apr 1, 2016
that is absolutely nutty
said Apr 1, 2016
lol nope
said Apr 1, 2016
I played the first 3 seconds of the level, then watched a replay, then deleted the level from my hard drive.  Good map, 5 hearts.
said Apr 1, 2016
fkn love this map
said Apr 1, 2016
Replays were fun to watch, otherwise a fat old nope. Really cool tho.
The Martian
said Apr 2, 2016
This map should come with an instruction manual.
said Apr 2, 2016
Ok, I did some of it, then... it kept going... and I didn't = (
said Apr 3, 2016
sorry :(
said Jun 26, 2017
Wooo, progress! Actually put up a a finish for once... Only took me a year and some..
said Apr 2, 2016
Gave it a shot with man. Definitely very tough. Haven't figured out how to get to the 3rd checkpoint, might try to finish it again later

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