Revenge of Machine

by fireball
created Mar 5, 2016
264 views | 3581 downloads

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map notes
Look at all these fucking people.


Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 5, 2016
The Aliens Have Returned With Their Diabolical Boost Machines!

You Won't Believe What Happens Next!
said Mar 5, 2016
not enough notice to need toturn around, but other than that neat map
said Mar 5, 2016
I tried with that spike wall, probably should have left it as a solid vertical pillar, but it made me sad.
said Mar 5, 2016
Plenty enough notice for me

Cool map, one of the two I really enjoyed
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 6, 2016
I find hitting all the 1 tile slope boosts to be kinda obnoxious.  The map wouldn't have lost anything if they were all 2 tiles wide instead.
said Mar 6, 2016
Strangely I think 1 tile bowls are easier, just because 2 tile bowls require me to dash twice to get optimum distance.  I could do non symmetrical bowls, like I did in the last map, but I went with the space ship design instead.  (And made missing the boost just cost time)

Plus having people complain about 1 tile boosts is an important part of this map series.  Though in the last map the only "1 tile boosts" had the extra clip space.
edited Mar 6, 2016

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