by dustman77
created Mar 4, 2016
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map notes
The long-awaited followup to dustman77's "Blender". This time with good music. Can you find all 3 books?


said Mar 4, 2016
There's next to no indication of where is correct to go (the text box at the start of the map hardly counts) And even when going the correct way, the camera has several blind drops and sections where it is too late to react before you hit a random INVISIBLE death zone, and theres not a checkpoint so you go back to the start. Even without dieing randomly and me just thinking "well that was bullshit" several times, the gameplay of this map isn't fun, it has no flow, and feels like it was made in 5 minutes, with no playtesting. It's just blocks randomly placed, mostly in annoyingly in-the-way places and the entire map is clunky.

In total, this map is frustrating, nearly unplayably so, and playtesting would have solved all of these issues.
said Mar 4, 2016
shit. i admit i forgot to put checkpoints. i knew i was forgetting something. i don't know how to work the camera to pan out, which i admit is a fault of the map. i thought the texts gave enough indication of where to go next, that was kind of the theme. well live and learn.
said Mar 5, 2016
this map is flames
had fun
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 5, 2016
The shitposts lately are really not doing it for me.  I guess I just grew up and out of the phase where I thought stupid = funny, which many people here seem to be stuck in.

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