by hydrajo
created Mar 3, 2016
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said Mar 3, 2016
Very pretty, but it's very hard to distinguish foreground from background. :(
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 3, 2016
I echo that sentiment.  Try to plan out what's going to be collision and what isn't, then make everything in the "isn't" group a significant contrast.  For daytime maps, generally that means the background is lighter.  For night time maps: darker.  That's just general help that makes maps more playable, but you can probably figure it out simply by playing more maps on Atlas and seeing what other people do.
said Mar 3, 2016
I think this map is good. Like Morelia said it is a little hard to tell some things in the foreground and some from the background. I felt like the routing was a bit awkward and it wasn't always clear where to go. It also felt a bit weird to have killboxes in places the players would obviously try to reach but no killbox when you fall of the map infinitely.The artwork is really nice though, and I liked the layout of the map after the first section.

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