Dustman Tera Climb

by Riokaii
created Feb 18, 2016
455 views | 3643 downloads

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map notes
I began with a goal, find consistent geometry that sets up tera drops/jumps. I succeeded and found several, some are more actions than others, and this is by no means all of them that are possible. This is merely to showcase the method I came up with to find them, in hopes that other people can use this method to find other ones that work for them when they are needed.

Also somebody will probably grind this map and break it with another character or something, but hopefully it's purpose is still intact.


said Feb 19, 2016
I hope someone does "break" this with other characters, because that doesn't hurt the science at all, and it'll be fun to watch.
said Feb 19, 2016
i enjoy the hitbox display being on for the screenshot
said Feb 19, 2016
I liked the concept... too bad that I'm able to do only the first tera jump, the second is already so hard!
said Feb 19, 2016
yep, I can't do the second one
said Feb 19, 2016
The second one is much easier if you exit to the left instead of the right.
said Feb 20, 2016
Super interesting and cool map.
said Feb 20, 2016
why not put checkpoints? ;=;
said Feb 21, 2016
because the purpose of the map makes them irrelevant

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