by bengarrr
created Dec 18, 2015
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short naked

map notes
func -> () { warm(heart) }


said Dec 19, 2015
This map warms my heart.
said Dec 20, 2015
echo("Thank you")
said Dec 19, 2015
Great level, really digging you recent maps.
said Dec 20, 2015
Thanks man, really glad you liked it.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 21, 2015
It seems fine, not bad but it doesn't engage me in a way that makes me want to keep playing it.  Y'know, just overall a very safe map in your style.  I wish you'd take more risks with the next map and try new things.
said Dec 21, 2015
I know exactly what you mean. Except I don't really have the time right now with work, and these types of levels are fun to make and take little to no time investment, I've done most of them in under 30 minutes.

Also, I've been challenging myself to make levels that force players to move through the level in a very controlled, but not heavy handed, manner. For instance, by placing particular arrangements of spikes and gems, you can force players to make very specific movements through an area of the level, to a point where they all have to make the same move. This is not some revolutionary idea, it's the basis on which the game works, but the challenge, for me, is in accomplishing that with the minimal placement of entities and tiles. Or what about making a level where everyone has to take the exact same route? And could you do it without it feeling deliberate or forced? These are questions I've been asking myself as I've started my most recent level making endeavours. Again, not anything anyone would probably find interesting except me, so, I understand if you're not engaged. Realistically I make these levels mainly so I can watch the dustpros destroy all my leaves.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 30, 2015
In my experience you've still left several options outside of your intended strats in these maps.  I mean have you seen my replays?  I can flail through the map because there are always plenty of options outside the weird intended route.  It's probably better that way, but people really seem to like spike-choked corridors with exactly 1 solution just the same.

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