Kimichi Blueprint

by bengarrr
created Dec 5, 2015
334 views | 621 downloads

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sorry redux

map notes
*Gets new monitors.
Realizes might have caused orbital tumors
*Remakes map in hopes of repenting for sins against humanity

Protip (to self): Obtain IPS monitors and don't use f.lux while making maps


said Dec 5, 2015
end trigger is still fucked but i remember liking this map. Looks way better now that i can see
said Dec 5, 2015
shit, cheers tho
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 5, 2015
"orbital tumors" ... did you perhaps mean *optical*?

Just ask people to test your map in the IRC before you publish it.  Everyone will tell you if they can see shit or can't see shit; in fact that's our favorite meme.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 5, 2015
I find that the colors on my maps are often much less impressive on other computers, because I make them on my desktop's insane monitor with a pretty ridiculous amount of color saturation, and I tone it down based on what I'm seeing.
Luke's Cat
said Dec 7, 2015
Im going to go play the old ones with f.lux

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