by azgamerguy
created May 18, 2012
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map notes
My First level, really nothing to it.  I'm just testing out all the features and letting my friend try it out.  I hope you like it!


said May 19, 2012
there arent many things in the map that strike me as interesting. The main thing I saw was clunky and awkward placement of dust / minions, which are just placed in a way that if you normally run, you will miss some because they were placed 2 block too high or too far to the left etc. Also: the tags...?
edited May 19, 2012
said May 19, 2012
Yeah this was just me messing around with what the level editor had to offer......after not playing the game since it came out.  I'm not seeing the awkward placement yet, but maybe I will when I get re-acquainted to the controls.  As for the tags, originally only wanted this map to be public to my aforementioned I decided to put no effort into it whatsoever other than that might help him find it. haha!

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