by Magjiikal
created Nov 21, 2015
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short easy

map notes
Thanks For All The Comments On The Last Two Levels.

Here's A Short Level, Because I Can. (And Because I'm Bored) :D


Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 21, 2015
I really think you need some practice attempting to understand fog triggers before you make more maps.  Everything in this map is impossible to tell from everything else, not just the foreground and background.  I opened it in the editor just because I was curious, and you have random levels of grey on every layer.  The sky is the same color as the grass and about the same brightness too: only adding to the confusion.

I highly recommend learning what contrast is and playing some more maps, and also opening them in the editor to see what a proper fog trigger looks like.  You can do that by putting them in your user\level_src folder in the Dustforce install directory.
said Nov 28, 2015
Thanks for the tip. :)
said Nov 22, 2015
really liked the concept

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